Nag-iisa ka lang pero doble-doble ang natatanaw

Nag-iisa ka lang pero sakop mo ang buong isipan

Nag-iisa ka lang pero halo-halo ang nararamdaman

Hindi ko maintindihan,

Hindi ko mapaliwanag

Ang gulo..


Ewan ko..

Nag-iisa ka lang pero sinakop mo ang pagkatao ko

Isa lang din ang hiling ko..

Sana hindi ka gaya ng mga dayuhan,

Matapos masakop, kasunod ay pagwasak..



What I learned.

INTERNET. according to the definition it is the Network of all network. Actually, I don’t care about the definition, what i know is Internet is Internet. One of our lesson is the Infrared, for me it is the thing that you can see in Nokia Phones and I know that it it the cheapest one. But, as we discussed it did you know that REMOTE is one kind of Infrared were you can used it as lens to lens. I was thankful that I know already who discovered the Bluetooth,which is Harold Blatan. And the LTE(Long Term Evolution) or 4G, you know what I already apply it when we’re in Sm. We are looking for a Wi-Fi. Then, I explained it to her that we are going to buy let’s choose the 4G or the LTE because it is the fastest among those. I also encountered the 404 errors right after we discussed it not only that but also the 504 errors. Lastly, the web design where we can make our own websites.

Thanks be to God for having that kind of a knowledge.


As a user of different web sites, I encountered different problems just like the 404 errors same also with 504 errors. I have also experienced when I go to that site it did not response. So, as a user I felt irritated! But also, as a user there are good sites. Especially, if the context or the page is very pleasing and working well. “Anything that beautiful is good to access times.”

Web Design is one of the most important; the image as well as the function or purpose of it. “If there is one thing that cannot used by the people is definitely nonsense.” The Perception also is important and without having the experiences of memory cannot be considered as a perception. So, therefore that Experiences is more about your thoughts also.

And I just noticed that some of the sites have a over designs. We need to remember that not everything that is so much elegant is beautiful sometimes it becomes monotonous. Being simple is better, or having one dominant color, but make sure that it has a a clear messages.

So as I user we are expecting a lot, not just the looks but the context also.


“Judging A Person does not defines who they are. It defines who you are.” its a same manner when you say tell me who you are and I’ll tell you who I am.

People nowadays, are easily judge the person without knowing the true story. One thing that I want to prove here is that, Just because you are not agree or its because that thing is not okay to you, DOESN’T mean that you are Right. Every little things has an explanation.

Remember the quotation, “Everything Happens For A Reason.” therefore, its not the end. It’s just a beginning because, the Reason why it happens is about to come. No matter what the result is, you need to face the consequences of what you did. Everyone made mistakes, Nobody’s Perfect. But, the most important there is they learned. People Loved to judged a person even if they’re not a Judge. But, they afraid of judging by someone. Why is it like that? Maybe because they have a narrow brain.

Compare it to a movie or story book, did it start to an ending? that they already answered the problem up to  the beginning? No. You know what, People, also loved to make their own conclusion they stand for it until the end.  They fight for their wrong fight! For example, your friend made a wrong moves, made her own plan, in short, what if your friend break your promises? And It feels like she/he was not able to listen to your advices choose to instead prevail her/his own decision? As a friend would you judge her/him also? I know its really hard to decide, but the thought there is Your Friend made a very big mistake. It’s not bad to reprimand him/her, but you also need to listen why she/he do that.

It’s all about Understanding, and Listening. Don’t let your mouth to lead. Open your heart and listen very well. “Behind every person, there’s always a reason why they are the way they are”



The 2.0 and 3.0 web are both under the Implementation Web. Technology has shifted from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and now towards Web 3.0.

The difference between the two is, the 2.0 web or what they call Read-Write Web (or the Second Generation) because it is focused on the ability for people to collaborate and of course to share information online. It also describes the World Wide Web Sites that use the technology beyond the static pages of earlier WEB SITES, and it is also Folksonomy or social tagging, “the process by which many users add metadata in the form of keywords to shared content”.

While, the 3.0 web as they call Semantic Web (or the third generation) this is the extension of 2.0 web. Nova Spivack defines web 3.0 as connective intelligence; connecting data,concepts, application & ultimately people. Nova’s opinion is that the web is just one of the several converging technology and trends that will defines web. It’s also worked on concept of Me-onomy or relating to the individual or the organization. Ultimately, Web 3.0 will be about technology thinking of its own accord. While Web 2.0 was defined as ‘information overload’, Web 3.0 is centered on organizing and filtering the chaos for personal use.

The 2.0 web Embraces social media, blogs, tags, wikis, RSS feeds and Rejects passive browsing notion and also Focusing on commentaries. While, the 3.0 web or semantic(grammar) web it has freedom to publish and reuse the data records with ‘data web technology’ assitance and uses drag’n’drop, mash ups, widgets.

the 2.0 previous knowledge on a topic was needed to create content  while, thinking for itself to connect one application to another.


First of all, thanks be to GOD for having this day!

I was thankful as being part of the C.L.A. Month last January 29, 2015. I proudly say that I’m part of the Chorale de La Verdad who performed in that event. We, in the Chorale de La Verdad sing/perform not only because of that event but also for God. We cannot do that in just one snap, of course by the help of God. Our proffessors say that among those activity that we gathered the most important and valuable is the C.L.A. Month. One thing that I Learned from it, is when you are down wake up and continue run until you go on finish or our certain goals.

I’m also part of the Chorale category. We did not won but, we all know that we did our best. According to Mr.Barroso “The man who has done his best has done eveything. The man who has than LESS his BEST has done nothing.” The most important there is we enjoy the whole event.

Same with the GALAW SA PAG-INDAK, even if did not won in that category. We are the Champion in the MSNP. That’s very surprising! At first we don’t have any idea if who’s gonna  get that award. But in the end, Section 1B is the Champion, and that’s us! So proud! But, of course it’s not really a competition as you know, we did that for God.

Thanks be to God as being part of the C.L.A. Month! Rough Road Ahead Challenge Your Excuses!


“The man who has done his BEST has done everything. The man who has done LESS his BEST has done nothing.

Done everything does not mean that it’s always right. But the most important there is you know that you really did your BEST to make it done, No matter what happen to the result.

Who SUCCESS in life? of course those who give their very best to the fullest. It’s not necessarily that you are Intelligent. According to our sensei “IQ lands you a job but, EQ gets you promoted” it’s also the heart that leads you to be come successful in life.

“The man who accomplishes nothing, and then stops, to rest will never be a leader.” It’s the same manner to success, if you stop just to rest and you accomplish nothing you will never be success.

Time is fleeting. Because it is endless. People put their minds that time is Gold. If you say that it is therefore, Gold may brought to the pawnshop. So let’s not waste our time for nonsense. Instead, let our time to useful. Let’s grab the opportunity to do our BEST. Never give up, Just do it. Brace yourself. No matter what happen let’s continue our fight until we reach the end and our certain goals.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than you fear of failure.”

Never lose hope!:)